“It is a very mature soundarchitectural work of art, with its compositional and instrumental qualities being close in relation to the transforming power of the music of Bill Evans and his trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, fifty years ago. Adventurous, new and highly exciting.”(Jazzpodium)

“Pathbreaking in the European music landscape” (N. Krampf)

“Unique, individual, absorbing and touching, spreading its wings like an albatross, so closely calling from a far distance.” (W. Kampmann)

„These melodies are of such compelling beauty, that they want to be heard again and again. And they are so catchy, that one believes to have known them for many years, exactly as if every sunrise emerged around these melodies.“ (Jazzthing)

“This music is provocative, demanding, and has depth and density of expression. It is sometimes edgy, uncomfortable and unconventional, with its convincing gesture refuting all the prevailing jazz dogmas and yet still flattering and enticing in power and beauty.” (Jazzpodium)

“Over the last years the brothers Peter & Bernhard Meyer invented a sound without comparison, a sound that overrode all established concepts of jazz improvisation, alternative rock, modern classical music and ambient, but even surpassed all known syntheses, avantgardisms and overlappings. A sound that is far away from any crossover and that is pathbreaking in the european music landscape. In February 2018 two new projects will be presented:
The joint quartet by the Meyer brothers with Jim Black & Wanja Slavin: “Other Animal”
And Murmuration“, Bernhard`s first band as sole leader, a quintet feat. Claudio Puntin (Clarinette), Julius Heise (Vibraphon, Perc), Peter Meyer (Git) & Andi Haberl (Drums).”

Release Date 2.2.2018:
























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Latest releases:
Lea W Frey “Plateaus” (enja/yellowbird Oct 6th 2017)












Melt Trio “Stroy” (Traumton Records Aug 2016)